Auto Glass Repair

Windshield Repairs & Automotive Glass Replacement in Athens, Georgia

Bring Your Vehicle to Athens Collision Center

Our master craftsmen and technicians at Athens Collision Center utilize the latest technology to repair even the most badly damaged automotive glass back to like-new condition. If the glass needs to be replaced then our team will utilize the appropriate techniques and tools to ensure a flawless installation.

Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass

Auto glass has the potential to chip, crack and even shatter due to myriad forces ranging from collisions to wayward rocks and pebbles. A small crack or chip has the potential to quickly expand, spreading across part or all of the windshield in surprisingly little time. Even if the compromised portion of your windshield is not directly in your line of vision, it is better to bring your vehicle to our team for in-depth analysis. We will determine if it is safe to continue driving or if the glass should be repaired, replaced or otherwise tended to.

Fix Auto Glass

Our auto glass experts take great pride in repairing cracks, chips and other flaws in windshields as well as windows. If the crack or chip is minor, there is a good chance we will be able to repair it so you do not have to pay for a full replacement. Auto glass repair in Athens, GA is likely more affordable than you think. Rely on our team to fix your auto glass and your vehicle will be back to normal sooner than expected yet we will not bust your budget in the process.

Replace Auto Glass

In some instances, it is not possible to salvage compromised auto glass. As an example, a car window or windshield that has shattered, endured extensive spider cracking or a major chip/crack will likely require replacement. Our team is here to perform timely auto glass replacement that looks fantastic and holds steady across posterity. Our auto glass replace in Athens, GA service will promptly get your vehicle back to normal so you can return to the road without a lengthy wait.

Windshield Repair

If you have any question as to whether your chipped or cracked windshield needs attention from the pros, err on the safe side by contacting us right away. We will analyze your windshield and attempt to repair it unless it is clear replacement is necessary. Unlike many other auto glass specialists, our team will not immediately suggest replacement in order to maximize the cost of the job. Rather, we perform accurate repairs in a careful manner to fortify the damaged windshield so it looks and functions like new. Ask around and you will find our windshield repair in Athens, GA is second to none both in terms of quality and price.

Ford Body Shop in Athens, GA

Why Choose Athens

At our Athens auto body shop, the needs of each individual customer are fulfilled, as we’re always striving to exceed your high expectations. Serving all of Athens & surrounding areas, we are your trusted collision repair center.

Trained & Certified Professional Technicians

From the moment you bring your vehicle in for repairs, trust that only certified and trained technicians are working on your vehicle.

Rigorous Repair Process

We uphold rigid factory procedures and guidelines to ensure your vehicle is repaired back to pre-accident condition.

State Of The Art Facilities

Our shop is equipped with the latest auto collision repair technologies, and we’re proud to be an approved Ford aluminum repair center!

Lifetime Warranty

All repairs come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty* because we value your peace of mind.

*Warranty on workmanship & paint as long as you own your car